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ClimaVista Insurance Improves your Long-Term Forecasts

The long-term forecasts  provided by the ECMWF (European Center of Weather Forecasts), allow EcoClimasol researchers to determine:

  • Rainfall deficit or excess Probability Index.
  • Temperature increase or decrease Probability Index.

Improving your Long-Term Forecasts : A Permanent Scientific Challenge
Long-Term forecasts try to estimate the next 6 months average climate. They provide weather trends for parameters such as temperature and precipitation at a regional  scale. In order to implement forecasts, scientists use climate models to simulate the evolution of  the atmosphere and the oceans as well as its  interactions. Improving long-term forecasts remains a permanent scientific challenge.


Long-Term Forecasts: Temperature

CV Seguros Temperaturas

Long-Term Forecasts : Rainfall

CV Seguros Precipitaciones