Ecoclimasol is participating at the European Project: “Adaptation of Viticulture to Climate Change”

In a climate change context, and facing the statement of the necessary inclusion of the climate at a fine scale and its consequences on the viticulture, the LIFE-ADVICLIM project aims to study adaptation and mitigation scenarii, at the terroir wine growing scale, for different vineyards representatives of the climatic diversity of the European wine-growing regions.

In order to demonstrate the interest of a local management of the adaptation and mitigation strategies, the LIFE-ADVICLIM project develops technologies adaptable to the Europeans wine growing terroirs: a measurement network and a web platform which will allow the winegrowers to assess the impacts of the climate change on their plot, to simulate adaptations scenarii and to measure the greenhouse gas emissions linked to their practices.

Those technologies are experimented on demonstration sites, in five European vineyards, thanks to the Life Program funding: Cotnari (Romania), Rheingau (Germany), Sussex (England), Bordeaux and Val-de-Loire (France).

The project has just launched its official website. Discover the project at 

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