Pronosticos a largo plazo

Long-Term Forecasts: how to use them to improve the profitability of your portfolio

Anticipate and Optimize Risk Management with Long Term Forecasts

ClimaVista Insurance long-term forecasts favors  detection and analysis of risky weather situations. From temperature and precipitation maps provided by the platform, insurers can display the geographical areas that are potentially affected by extreme weather events (drought, flooding, storms etc.) .

In a single map , see Forecasts and essential Data of your Portfolio

The system allows to overlap forecasts with your portfolio; therefore the user can view in the same map forecasts and essential data of insured people: insured amount, surface, etc. You can access this info from the Module Underwriting of ClimaVista Insurance. With this improvement, the insurance company can:

  • enrich its analysis of the financial impact of extreme weather events in its portfolio
  • design prevention campaigns aimed at farmers
  • develop strategies to optimize the profitability of the portfolio

ClimaVista Insurance: a new way to use Long-term Forecasts  

In the following two slides, the information provided by the ClimaVista Insurance platform based on long-term forecasts is displayed.

Detection of High or Low Temperatures

Zones that might be affected by high or low temperatures are identified with colors. Colors are classified in three probability degrees:

  • probability of low temperature
  • probability of normal temperature
  • probability of high temperature

CV Seguros Temperaturas

Detection of Risk of Draught or Precipitation Excess

Zones that might be affected by precipitation deficit or excess are identified with colors. . Colors are classified in three probability degrees:

  • probability of precipitation deficit
  • probability of normal precipitation
  • probability pf precipitation excess

CV Seguros Precipitaciones