Ecoclimasol present to the AgroclimaTIC’s seminar organized by IRD

From the 13th to the 17th of March, in France, Ecoclimasol is participating at the AgroclimaTIC’s seminar on the challenges of using climate information to optimize the agricultural management of West African countries.

Invited by the Recherche and Development Institute (IRD), the Ecoclimasol experts will present their experiences on the agro-climatic risk management for Latin America’s countries. This Seminar would be the opportunity for Dr. Jean-Philippe Boulanger, Ecoclimasol’s CEO, and Dr. Samuel Louvet and Johanna Ramarohetra, Ecoclimasol’s engineer in R&D, to lead several workshops in relation to Climavista Agro.

Being Launched at the end of 2016, Climavista Agro is a collaborative web platform to support agricultural management gathering a network of 450 agronomists and producers in Argentina. From seed to harvest, it allows Climavista Agro to:

  • geolocalize plots
  • access to customized forecasts
  • control crop conditions

During this week, the Ecoclimasol team will make the platform available to African representatives and Cirad, CNRS, IRD and IBMET’s researcher. The seminar aim is to permit to the Western African countries to improve the management of agro-climatic risks from this simple and free technology.