Congreso Alasa 2016 Ecoclimasol

Ecoclimasol: present at 2016 14th ALASA Convention

From the 8th to the 11th of March, Ecoclimasol will attend  the 14th Convention of the Latin-American Agricultural Insurance Association, ALASA 2016, introducing its ClimaVista Insurance Solution aiming at optimizing agriculture insurers’ risks management. “The development sustainable programs, the role of public policies and the impact of technological innovation t in agriculture insurance” are, this year, the main themes of the convention. Other themes will be considered such as : technological options to improve risks administration and the introduction of insurance in public policies.

Since 2011, Ecoclimasol has developed innovative solutions in risks management, profitability and index-based insurance to meet today´s private and public actors needs. Jean-Philippe Boulanger, Ecoclimasol President, and Andrés Farall, Statistic Methodology Manager, will be available along the convention to present ClimaVista Insurance new functionalities and share their client’s experience.