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“Ecoclimasol and the Tomorrow’s viticulture” from the review La Vigne

The Agri Connect’s first version, Connected Agriculture Fair, was held in the city of Montpellier, France, the last November 15 and 16. In this context, and together with 40 other exhibitors, Ecoclimasol launched its collaborative platform ClimaVista Agro dedicated to the optimized management of the agricultural crops.

The fair also allowed Samuel Louvet and Julie Caubel, scientific experts of Ecoclimasol France, to exchange with the review La Vigne to project the future of a high-demand area in connected tools and IOT: viticulture. We leave below the extract from this note.

Agri Connect, Tomorrow’s viticulture

A press note from Michèle Trévoux – Review La Vigne N°292 Dec. 2016 (page 79)

High-tech Montpellier received the Agri Connect’s first version, the Connected Agriculture Fair, the November 15 and 16. Fourteen exhibitors presented their technology services and connected objects (IOT). Here is a panorama of the tomorrow’s viticulture.

Ecoclimasol, a collaborative platform

French-Argentina company created in 2011 in Argentina, Ecoclimasol focused its first developments on services and web platforms for the field crops management. Now, Ecoclimasol have diversified its service offering in France, with a technology project for the viticulture: ClimaVista Wine. It is a web platform that provides access to various services and information: 7-day weather forecasts, geolocation of agricultural parcels, topographic maps with orientation and slope index. Every user uploads its data: parasitic attacks observations and water status of their plots. This information allows Ecoclimasol to enrich its database and improve the forecast models. Soon, the Winegrowers will be able to manage up to 10 hectares of vines, free of charge with ClimaVista Wine. Later, Ecoclimasol wants to develop paid services like 7-day forecasts with vegetative stages of the vine, hydric stress modelling o parasite attacks forecast. These services will be operational during 2017, in Argentina and France.

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*An error was detected in the original note written by Michèle Trévoux, on the review La Vigne N°292. ClimaVista Wine has not yet been launched. It will be operational in the course of 2017 in Argentina and France.