Ecoclimasol present to the AgroclimaTIC’s seminar organized by IRD

From the 13th to the 17th of March, in France, Ecoclimasol is participating at the AgroclimaTIC’s seminar on the challenges of using climate information to optimize the agricultural management of West African countries.

Invited by the Recherche and Development Institute (IRD), the Ecoclimasol experts will present their experiences on the agro-climatic risk management for Latin America’s countries. This Seminar would be the opportunity for Dr. Jean-Philippe Boulanger, Ecoclimasol’s CEO, and Dr. Samuel Louvet and Johanna Ramarohetra, Ecoclimasol’s engineer in R&D, to lead several workshops in relation to Climavista Agro.

Being Launched at the end of 2016, Climavista Agro is a collaborative web platform to support agricultural management gathering a network of 450 agronomists and producers in Argentina. From seed to harvest, it allows Climavista Agro to:

  • geolocalize plots
  • access to customized forecasts
  • control crop conditions

During this week, the Ecoclimasol team will make the platform available to African representatives and Cirad, CNRS, IRD and IBMET’s researcher. The seminar aim is to permit to the Western African countries to improve the management of agro-climatic risks from this simple and free technology.


Entrevista de la revista La Vigne

“Ecoclimasol and the Tomorrow’s viticulture” from the review La Vigne

The Agri Connect’s first version, Connected Agriculture Fair, was held in the city of Montpellier, France, the last November 15 and 16. In this context, and together with 40 other exhibitors, Ecoclimasol launched its collaborative platform ClimaVista Agro dedicated to the optimized management of the agricultural crops.

The fair also allowed Samuel Louvet and Julie Caubel, scientific experts of Ecoclimasol France, to exchange with the review La Vigne to project the future of a high-demand area in connected tools and IOT: viticulture. We leave below the extract from this note.

Agri Connect, Tomorrow’s viticulture

A press note from Michèle Trévoux – Review La Vigne N°292 Dec. 2016 (page 79)

High-tech Montpellier received the Agri Connect’s first version, the Connected Agriculture Fair, the November 15 and 16. Fourteen exhibitors presented their technology services and connected objects (IOT). Here is a panorama of the tomorrow’s viticulture.

Ecoclimasol, a collaborative platform

French-Argentina company created in 2011 in Argentina, Ecoclimasol focused its first developments on services and web platforms for the field crops management. Now, Ecoclimasol have diversified its service offering in France, with a technology project for the viticulture: ClimaVista Wine. It is a web platform that provides access to various services and information: 7-day weather forecasts, geolocation of agricultural parcels, topographic maps with orientation and slope index. Every user uploads its data: parasitic attacks observations and water status of their plots. This information allows Ecoclimasol to enrich its database and improve the forecast models. Soon, the Winegrowers will be able to manage up to 10 hectares of vines, free of charge with ClimaVista Wine. Later, Ecoclimasol wants to develop paid services like 7-day forecasts with vegetative stages of the vine, hydric stress modelling o parasite attacks forecast. These services will be operational during 2017, in Argentina and France.

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*An error was detected in the original note written by Michèle Trévoux, on the review La Vigne N°292. ClimaVista Wine has not yet been launched. It will be operational in the course of 2017 in Argentina and France.

Climate Research

Climate Research publishes Conclusions of Scientific Project Claris-LPB

CLARIS – LPB (2008 – 2012) project, funded by the  7th Framework Program of the European Commission showed the impacts of climate change in the La Plata Basin ( LPB ), for the periods  2010-2040 and 2070-2100 . The projections developed by Dr Jean-Philippe Boulanger and his team have demonstrated to be essential to put in place adaptation strategies. Climate Research journal has just published an extract of the project, in its recent  online issue .

Pronosticos a largo plazo

Long-Term Forecasts: how to use them to improve the profitability of your portfolio

Anticipate and Optimize Risk Management with Long Term Forecasts

ClimaVista Insurance long-term forecasts favors  detection and analysis of risky weather situations. From temperature and precipitation maps provided by the platform, insurers can display the geographical areas that are potentially affected by extreme weather events (drought, flooding, storms etc.) .

In a single map , see Forecasts and essential Data of your Portfolio

The system allows to overlap forecasts with your portfolio; therefore the user can view in the same map forecasts and essential data of insured people: insured amount, surface, etc. You can access this info from the Module Underwriting of ClimaVista Insurance. With this improvement, the insurance company can:

  • enrich its analysis of the financial impact of extreme weather events in its portfolio
  • design prevention campaigns aimed at farmers
  • develop strategies to optimize the profitability of the portfolio

ClimaVista Insurance: a new way to use Long-term Forecasts  

In the following two slides, the information provided by the ClimaVista Insurance platform based on long-term forecasts is displayed.

Detection of High or Low Temperatures

Zones that might be affected by high or low temperatures are identified with colors. Colors are classified in three probability degrees:

  • probability of low temperature
  • probability of normal temperature
  • probability of high temperature

CV Seguros Temperaturas

Detection of Risk of Draught or Precipitation Excess

Zones that might be affected by precipitation deficit or excess are identified with colors. . Colors are classified in three probability degrees:

  • probability of precipitation deficit
  • probability of normal precipitation
  • probability pf precipitation excess

CV Seguros Precipitaciones

Pronosticos Largo Plazo CV Seguros

ClimaVista Insurance Improves your Long-Term Forecasts

The long-term forecasts  provided by the ECMWF (European Center of Weather Forecasts), allow EcoClimasol researchers to determine:

  • Rainfall deficit or excess Probability Index.
  • Temperature increase or decrease Probability Index.

Improving your Long-Term Forecasts : A Permanent Scientific Challenge
Long-Term forecasts try to estimate the next 6 months average climate. They provide weather trends for parameters such as temperature and precipitation at a regional  scale. In order to implement forecasts, scientists use climate models to simulate the evolution of  the atmosphere and the oceans as well as its  interactions. Improving long-term forecasts remains a permanent scientific challenge.


Long-Term Forecasts: Temperature

CV Seguros Temperaturas

Long-Term Forecasts : Rainfall

CV Seguros Precipitaciones

Congreso Alasa 2016 Ecoclimasol

Ecoclimasol: present at 2016 14th ALASA Convention

From the 8th to the 11th of March, Ecoclimasol will attend  the 14th Convention of the Latin-American Agricultural Insurance Association, ALASA 2016, introducing its ClimaVista Insurance Solution aiming at optimizing agriculture insurers’ risks management. “The development sustainable programs, the role of public policies and the impact of technological innovation t in agriculture insurance” are, this year, the main themes of the convention. Other themes will be considered such as : technological options to improve risks administration and the introduction of insurance in public policies.

Since 2011, Ecoclimasol has developed innovative solutions in risks management, profitability and index-based insurance to meet today´s private and public actors needs. Jean-Philippe Boulanger, Ecoclimasol President, and Andrés Farall, Statistic Methodology Manager, will be available along the convention to present ClimaVista Insurance new functionalities and share their client’s experience.




Qualimediterranée Day: Smart Agriculture to optimize Viticulture

Bandeau-RQ-2015-V2-1On November 16, Ecoclimasol will participate in the Qualiméditerranée Meeting Day to understand climate, environmental and economic challenges of viticulture and specifically of precision viticulture. Precision viticulture offers improved management of water resources and pesticides to maintain high production efficiency and optimum quality of the finished product.

Aimed to business men, researchers and funding agencies, this meeting will bring together the challenges of viticulture with the latest advances in scientific and technological innovation. 

Big Data, drones, data models, IOT, are some of the topics which will be developed to open a new path for productivity and competitiviness.  

See the Coference’s Program here. 


Ecoclimasol and ClimaVista Wine in SITEVI 2015, France

Ecoclimasol was invited to present the progress of its new platform ClimaVista Wine in SITEVI 2015. SITEVI is the most important International Exhibition on Winemaking and recognized for its high visibility. The lounge will open its doors from 24 to 26 November 2015 in the city of Montpellier, France.

The meeting will gather the main actors in the production of French and international wine and highlights the advances in technologies, strategies, innovations and trends. An average of 1,000 companies, from 61 countries and over 50,000 visitors are expected.

SITEVI includes a space for exhibitors from the fruit and olive growing sectors.

Ecoclimasol will be present in stand: B5 B 012 – IT Service Management.  See the interactive plan here