Ecoclimasol is participating at the European Project: “Adaptation of Viticulture to Climate Change”

In a climate change context, and facing the statement of the necessary inclusion of the climate at a fine scale and its consequences on the viticulture, the LIFE-ADVICLIM project aims to study adaptation and mitigation scenarii, at the terroir wine growing scale, for different vineyards representatives of the climatic diversity of the European wine-growing regions.

In order to demonstrate the interest of a local management of the adaptation and mitigation strategies, the LIFE-ADVICLIM project develops technologies adaptable to the Europeans wine growing terroirs: a measurement network and a web platform which will allow the winegrowers to assess the impacts of the climate change on their plot, to simulate adaptations scenarii and to measure the greenhouse gas emissions linked to their practices.

Those technologies are experimented on demonstration sites, in five European vineyards, thanks to the Life Program funding: Cotnari (Romania), Rheingau (Germany), Sussex (England), Bordeaux and Val-de-Loire (France).

The project has just launched its official website. Discover the project at 

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Ecoclimasol in the Bi-regional Meeting on Climate Services of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Ecoclimasol participated at the Environment Seminar: Exchanging Bi-regional Experiences on Climate Services to Identify Joint Activities, organized by the Argentinean-European Union Liaison Office in Science, Technology and Innovation on the occasion of the celebration of his 10th Anniversary. This Liaison Office is part of the National Directorate of International Relations from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.

The Seminar was held on 9 & 10 march, 2015 at the National Academy of Natural Sciences in Buenos Aires with the presence of Program directors from the European Union (EU) and Latin America as well as scientific leaders with international experience in the field of climate services research and innovation.

Main objectives of the meeting were:

  • To share knowledge on international cooperation opportunities  (Horizon2020, ALCUE NET)
  • To promote consortia building for collaborative projects
  • To identify future strategic research and innovation priorities for UE H2020 Program on climate services

A partnership to improve the return of your agricultural investment

Pablo Baron, CEO of NCGROUP y Jean-Philippe Boulanger, CEO of ECOCLIMASOL, each one in his area of expertise, have a clear vision of trends in agricultural business and are aware of the importance of climate change in its profitability. They have developed a service in which science, technology and business analysis converge to increment the ROI of agricultural investments.

Specializing in the development and transformation of unproductive land into productive fields in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil, NCGROUP signed in late December 2014 a partnership with ECOCLIMASOL, expert in the design of technology solutions for managing climate risks. The aim of this partnership is to add value to investment feasibility analysis and improve profitability.

The expertise of Ecoclimasol in three-dimensional and satellite technology, risk maps and its deep knowledge of the impact of climate change in business are widely known by local and international insurers and reinsurers. Ecoclimasol, -awarded as “Best Innovative Entrepreneurship” by Fundación Empretec 2012 and winner of the “General Prize Kickstart Innovation Latin America 2011″-, is leader in Argentina in the agricultural sector thanks to ClimaVista Insurance, its solution in Climate Business Intelligence.



Agricultural Drone, an Ecoclimasol-ENSEA Project

On December 15-17 under the framework of the  PLACIS DAY from ENSEA Paris, Ecoclimasol and ENSEA (National School of Electronics and its Applications)  presented an agricultural drone for improving precision agriculture.  The aim of this project, directed by  Phd Thomas Tang from ENSEA, is to enrich the services provided by  Ecoclimasol in South America to the agricultural sector.

The project started in 2013, and will be completed in 2015. For further information please contact as at :

Evento AgroSeguros 2014 organizado por el medio especializado 100% Seguros

Agroclimate trends 2014-2015. Ecoclimasol in AgroSeguros

Ecoclimasol has presented the climatic trends for the crop year 2014/2015 within the 6th edition of  AgroSeguros event, organized by 100% Seguros, on October 8th at the Convention Centre of the Argentine Catholic University. AgroSeguros is an event intended for actors of the agricultural and insurance sectors. 

 Jean-Philippe Boulanger , CEO of Ecoclimasol, PhD in Climatology from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France), and member of the IPCC,  Intergovernmental Panel of Experts on Climate Change, talked about the last agro-climate trends for crop year  2014/2015.

200 participants attended the event among them producers, insurance experts, decision and policy makers.

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