A partnership to improve the return of your agricultural investment

Pablo Baron, CEO of NCGROUP y Jean-Philippe Boulanger, CEO of ECOCLIMASOL, each one in his area of expertise, have a clear vision of trends in agricultural business and are aware of the importance of climate change in its profitability. They have developed a service in which science, technology and business analysis converge to increment the ROI of agricultural investments.

Specializing in the development and transformation of unproductive land into productive fields in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil, NCGROUP signed in late December 2014 a partnership with ECOCLIMASOL, expert in the design of technology solutions for managing climate risks. The aim of this partnership is to add value to investment feasibility analysis and improve profitability.

The expertise of Ecoclimasol in three-dimensional and satellite technology, risk maps and its deep knowledge of the impact of climate change in business are widely known by local and international insurers and reinsurers. Ecoclimasol, -awarded as “Best Innovative Entrepreneurship” by Fundación Empretec 2012 and winner of the “General Prize Kickstart Innovation Latin America 2011″-, is leader in Argentina in the agricultural sector thanks to ClimaVista Insurance, its solution in Climate Business Intelligence.